2017 District Training

2017 – ILST, PST & YPT

ILST – Intro to Leadership Skill for the Troop (Youth)
PST  – Position Specific Training (Adult)
YPT – Youth Protection Training

  • Adult Position Specific Training will be made available on demand or as announced. Both Cub Scout and Boy Scout Adult Leader Training will be offered as three hours for Cub Scout Adult Position Specific Training and at four hours for Boy Scout Adult Position Specific Training; usually we present both at LDS Greenville Merit Badge Fairs.

ILST – is scheduled as needed,  there is a minimum of FIVE students. If you have ILST requirements contact District Training Chair Chuck Davidson cor@celeste429.org to reserve a spot.

PST (Adult – Position Specific Training) is scheduled for Fall Merit Badge Fair weekend. Contact Tonkawa District Training Chair Chuck Davidson at:
 cor@celeste429.org or call 903-217-4458 to reserve a spot.

  • Check the District Calendar for dates and times
  • Check the NEWS category in the toolbar for more details.


  • Texas Face to Face Youth Protection Training  will be offered as neededAll leaders and adults attending Summer Camp  must have a YPT card in hand when arriving at any council camp. The online version is NOT sufficient for extended camp over 72 hours either District or Council, including Twilight Camp.