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2017 District Training

2017 – ILST, PST & YPT

ILST – Intro to Leadership Skill for the Troop (Youth)
PST  – Position Specific Training (Adult)
YPT – Youth Protection Training

  • Adult Position Specific Training will be made available on demand or as announced. Both Cub Scout and Boy Scout Adult Leader Training will be offered as three hours for Cub Scout Adult Position Specific Training and at four hours for Boy Scout Adult Position Specific Training; usually we present both at LDS Greenville Merit Badge Fairs.

ILST – is scheduled as needed,  there is a minimum of FIVE students. If you have ILST requirements contact District Training Chair Chuck Davidson to reserve a spot.

PST (Adult – Position Specific Training) is scheduled for Fall Merit Badge Fair weekend. Contact Tonkawa District Training Chair Chuck Davidson at: or call 903-217-4458 to reserve a spot.

  • Check the District Calendar for dates and times
  • Check the NEWS category in the toolbar for more details.


  • Texas Face to Face Youth Protection Training  will be offered as neededAll leaders and adults attending Summer Camp  must have a YPT card in hand when arriving at any council camp. The online version is NOT sufficient for extended camp over 72 hours either District or Council, including Twilight Camp.



Youth Protection Training


What is face-to-face youth protection?

Face-to-face youth protection is a 1 hour class taught in person by a certified instructor which covers the details of how to recognize and prevent child abuse. The principal difference over the online version is that it is taught in a classroom session in an interactive way allowing for discussion within the group. A written test is administered as a part of the training.

Is it unique to Circle Ten Council?

It is a requirement for specific Texas based youth activities.

Why is it necessary?

The State of Texas requires additional certification beyond what BSA national provides for specific youth activities. This training meets what the State of Texas requires.

What specific activities require face-to-face YPT certification?

  • Adult overnight stays at Council Organized Summer Camps.
  • Leaders who participate at Council Organized Circle Ten Summer Camps
  • Adult participation as leaders at Day Camps
  • Adult overnight stays at Council Organized Circle Ten Winter Camps.

What activities do not require this special certification?

  • Adult overnight participation in troop or pack campouts.
  • Parent visits to any activity which does not involve overnight stays or leadership roles as described above.
  • Day activities such as Cub Fun days.

If a person has a face-to-face certification, is the national on-line Youth Protection training required?

No, face-to-face certification is sufficient and recommended.

How long is the certification valid?

Two years from the date of the training.

If a parent or guardian has no leadership roles, but comes to some events like unit meetings, courts of honor and cub fun days, are they required to have either the YPT or the Face-to-face certification?

Not in all cases, but it is strongly recommended for all parents or guardians of scouts. Any registered adult in the program must have either the on-line or Face-to-face Youth Protection certification.

Which of the two certifications is preferred?

The Council recommends the Face-to-Face training since it covers all activities.

When and where can I get trained?

Face to Face Youth Protection Training is an ongoing endeavor. Check the Calendar function or the News! topic for upcoming classes.

 Why YOU should take Youth Protection Training TODAY…

District Training
Chuck Davidson C: 903-217-4458

Florida Sea Base

About SeaBase

Located in Islamorada and on Summerland Key in the beautiful Florida Keys, as well as Marsh Harbour, Great Abaco Island, Bahamas, the near shore reefs and crystal clear waters offer unparalleled opportunities for long term and short term programs year round. Our Conference facilities are utilized for youth and adult Scouting Conferences and non-Scouting groups when available.

Florida Sea Base Registration Is

Now Open

 We’d love to have you here next year to experience the adventure of a lifetime! Below are key points to remember as you register.

  • Access to the Sea Base is obtained through the Sea Base website,
  • A Scout unit leader must create an account to access the reservation site. If the unit already has an account, another one can’t be created.
  • A unit can request any number of dates and adventures that interest its Scouts.
  • Requests can be prioritized to increase the chances that the unit gets one of its top choices.
  • Requests can be added, deleted, or re-prioritized during the lottery period.
  • Multiple crews can be requested for a specific date and adventure.
  • When a date and adventure are awarded to a unit, the unit gets all the crews requested. HOWEVER, units can’t mix and match different adventures on the same date.
  • All vacancies will be made available on the reservation site on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • All adventure materials will be mailed in the fall after the first-half payment is received.

Individuals and small groups under the minimum crew size may be able to participate using the Scout Connections tab on their website.

Seabase Learn More

2017 Florida Seabase Brochure
2018 Lottery

Cub Scout Program & More

Scroll down for Pack Meeting Plans…

Training Videos for Cub Scout Program Changes

Be sure to visit:

Currently there is NEW material for each Den level from Tiger to Arrow of Light (formerly Webelos II).

Changes to the Cub Scout, Boy Scout and
Venturing Programs – 2015 and beyond…
Adobe .PDF Files for Download


Cub Scouting

Youth Handbook Covers
Den Leader Guide Covers

Quick Links

2016–2017 Pack Meeting Plans

Summer 2017 Pack Meeting Plans

Archive Pack Meeting Plans 2015-16
An Inspiring Way to Share Scouting can be found in this series of 6 new videos released by the BSA. Click to watch these videos and learn more about…
1. Den leader sees Scouting as a way to provide “siblings” to her only child.
2. Proud parents finds love and support in Scouting for their autistic son.
3. Busy Scout mom sees Scouting as a way to spend time with her Webelos
4. Single mom finds in Scouting a supportive group of friends for herself, too.
5. A Scout leader from Mexico who discovered a new family in Scouting.
6. A Scout mom who, together with her son, started a new Cub Scout pack.
These stories can be watched, shared and used to inspire others to join Scouts.

Project C.O.P.E. – Climbing

Project C.O.P.E. – Climbing

The COPE and climbing programs offers two compatible yet different programs for your youth.  COPE focuses on teamwork, leadership development and planning while climbing offers your youth a chance to climb and rappel.  Safety is the number once consideration when conducting these activities!  DO NOT conduct these activities, unless you are completely comfortable with the equipment, processes and procedures.

The Circle Ten Council COPE and Climbing Resources include:

  • Roy & Frances Rea COPE Center @ Camp Trevor Rees-Jones
  • The Climbing Tower @ Camp Trevor Rees-Jones
  • The COPE Course @ Camp Wisdom
  • Climbing Equipment for your Unit’s Use

Climbing Information

Circle Ten Council offers several training courses designed to make you comfortable in taking your unit climbing.  Two of the most popular locations for climbing in North Texas are Sid Richardson Scout Reservation and Mineral Wells State Park.

In addition to the Rock Gear, Circle Ten Council has a 48’ Tower at Camp Trevor Rees-Jones that your unit can use.  The tower has 12, 24, 36, 48-foot rappels, and climbing routes.  Additionally, there are two 24’ Chimneys and a Bouldering Wall that can be used by Cub Scout Packs.

Please see the Climbing Gear Policy for reservation process.

COPE Information

Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience, or COPE, is the challenge course program of the Boy Scouts of America.  It is a series of physical, mental and emotional challenges facilitated by a trained staff directed at enhancing personal growth.

The recognized goals of the program are:

  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Trust
  • Leadership
  • Decision Making
  • Problem Solving
  • Self-Esteem

Any Philmont Trek, Troop, Venture Crew or organization can benefit from COPE.  Circle Ten Council frequently hosts non-BSA units at Camp Wisdom.

Please complete the COPE & Climbing Reservation Form. Available dates may be viewed here.  Dates are not confirmed until the reservation form has been accepted by the Council Program Manager.


Troop Challenge


Tonkawa District Cub Scouts Need Your Help!!

Here’s the pitch…

Since there is little or no interaction between Cubs and Scouts… and

The fall off rate if pretty high for crossovers… and

JSN efforts (at the Cub Level) could use a boost… and

JSN is practically nonexistent for Boy Scouts… and

Cub Scout Fun Day is in need of a makeover… then

If each Troop or Crew would build a carnival style “BOOTH” for use at Cub Day, it could serve a multitude of purposes… it could;

  • be used at Cub Day and be manned by a Boy Scout

  • be used at your Cub JSN daytime presentation at the Elementary school

  • be used for your JSN daytime presentation at the Jr & High School for the Boy Scouts

  • be used for a joint JSN presentation that evening for the parents

  • be used for Scout fundraisers at local carnivals, school carnivals, etc…

Examples might include a beanbag toss,

a milk bottle/baseball throw,

coke bottle ring toss,


and the ones someone could really  go all out on…

a (medium) working trebuchet,


BB target gallery,

a moving archery range,


or a dunking booth.


Really, the possibilities are endless.
Think State Fair Midway (no darts!).


Now, folks this is something our District is in desperate need of. The Cub Scout program feeds the Boy Scout program and the single most important thing that makes boys want to join the Cub Scouts and Cub Scouts want to join the Boy Scouts is FUN. This is your opportunity to make something happen.

Your District Needs YOU – will you answer
the call?

Each Troop who participates will earn 100 points towards the Spring Camporee Competition at the upcoming District Camporee !!!

Get on Board.