NEW – Greenville Venturing Crew

NEW – Venturing crew in Greenville!

March 10 Sat 2:00 pm – Gaming online via
Info to be posted to the Crew Discord server
(see our website)
March 22 Thu 7:30 pm – Moonlight Zipline
A&M Commerce outdoor center – free
March 24 Sat – Circle10 Venturing Rendezvous
Archery, Canoeing, Shooting Sports, Kayaking, Tomahawks & Knives, Paddle Boards, Low COPE, Rock Climbing, Volleyball, Police & Fire Professional Activities & much more!  Registration is now open on Campmaster.  The Crew will discuss camping either Friday or Saturday night.


Boy Scouts who join the crew will be encouraged and rewarded for staying active in their home troops.

Who Can Join?

Youth age 14-21, from the Greenville area.  That is, anyone who can get to the meetings.  This will be a co-ed crew (young women are already signed up).

The planned program areas are outdoor adventure, craftsmanship, service, and fellowship.  This can change to meet the interests of the youth who join.

Crew members will learn leadership and mentoring skills that will help Boy Scout dual members in working with younger boys in their troops.  The Crew will be a place where they can hang out with older youth, and network among the youth leadership of the local troops.

Meetings and activities will be monthly and fun — enough to keep youth involved, not so much as to interfere with Troop activities.  High adventure can be included if the youth want to plan for it and make it happen. Current options include learning and practice in welding, outdoor survival skills, and a gaming interest group. Other options include high adventure activities like; rock climbing, zip lining, sailing, sail boarding, paragliding, high speed go carts, and pretty much anything you can think of and raise the funds to go do!!

Like Boy Scouts, Venturing builds character, citizenship, and fitness, through a program of youth-selected and youth-led activities and ADVENTURES!! Come join the FUN!!.

Please let your scouts know about this, and make sure they know that non-scout family members and friends, between the ages of 14 and 21, will be welcome.

Samuel Mize

Crew 404 Advisor
(903) 269-8807