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Upcoming Events – Mark Your Calendar

● District Committee March 8th  6:00pm @LDS
● District Roundtable March 8th 7:00pm @LDS
● District Pinewood Derby April 6th
● District Merit Badge Fair March 24th
● District Spring Camporee  April 13th – 15th




District Committee
Second Thursdays @ 6:00pm
LDS Church
5309 Utah Street

Greenville, TX 75401

OA – Sachapiwak Chapter
Second Thursdays @ 7:00pm
LDS Church
5309 Utah Street
Greenville, TX 75401

District Roundtable
Second Thursdays @ 7:00pm
LDS Church
5309 Utah Street
Greenville, TX 75401

Youth Protection Training is Now Required before Accepting Any and All Adult Leaders

Youth Protection Training has been required within 30 days of adult membership acceptance. Effective immediately, it is required before acceptance of a new leader or re-registration of any leader. Paper applications submitted to the Scouting Service Center will need to be accompanied by a paper certificate certifying that Youth Protection Training has been completed.

Digital applications need to be left unapproved by the unit chartered organization representative until Youth Protection Training has been verified. The new applicant should submit a copy of his/her certificate to the unit leader upon completion of the training and will not be officially registered until that training has been verified.

No adult volunteer should be working with your youth
without having taken Youth Protection Training.

Membership Fee Increase

Beginning on December 1, 2017, the membership fee will increase to $33 per registered youth and adult member, which pays for your membership in the Boy Scouts of America. This membership fee is collected by the National Service Center and covers administrative fees, liability insurance, director’s and officer’s insurance, and many other services provided to the Circle Ten Council. The Circle Ten Council does not decide the amount, nor retain any portion, of this national BSA membership fee.The fall recruitment campaign should not be affected by this change. As stated above, it will be effective December 1st and will affect this year’s charter renewals.

Any new unit created this fall will pay the current pro-rated membership for September, October, November, and December, and then pay the $33 to cover 2018.



Mrs. Mary Vorgert with the Hunt County Master Gardeners has reached out and requested that if any of our Life Scouts are in need of ideas for Eagle Scout projects, she has several opportunities within her organization. Mary’s e-mail is, and her phone number is 214-289-8042. This represents another excellent way for our Eagle Scout candidates to complete their project requirements.

Texas Face to Face Youth Protection Training  will be offered as needed.  All leaders and adults attending Summer or Winter Camp  must have a YPT card in hand when arriving at any council camp. Notify Training Chair Chuck Davidson of your training needs:  903-217-4458 or email Training Chair

National has recently updated their Fiscal Policies and Procedures for BSA Units.  Below is that document to assist you in answering questions that units often ask.  The last item on that document is:

Can my unit credit amounts from fundraising to an individual toward their expenses?

See the Product Sales Guide for more information.

● Individual Scout Accounts
● Fiscal_Policies_and_Procedures_for_BSA_Units_March_2015

Please keep this information in your toolbox to help answer unit questions.  You may forward this policy in pdf form to anyone who asks.  Remember, this is National’s policy based on IRS regulations and on best stewardship practices.

Questions? Contact Lynette Hendricks |  Controller
Circle Ten Council
Phone 214.902.6704  |  Fax  214.902.6789

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