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Cub Scout Ceremonies

As of January 2019. The Order of the Arrow is no longer allowed to conduct Arrow of Light Ceremonies or Webelos Crossover Ceremonies in a Native American ceremony setting, or in any kind of Native American regalia. The National BSA Office and the National Order of the Arrow have developed these two standard ceremonies to be used. If you are a Cub Scout Pack who is looking to do either one of these for your unit. You will need to contact your local Boy Scout Troop to conduct these ceremonies for you. Our OA Chapter will no longer provide these.

2018 – Arrow of Light Ceremony

2018 – Cub Scout Webelos Crossover Ceremony


Boy Scout Ceremonies

The OA has provided many special ceremonies for Troops to use.  The OA has also performed special Eagle Award ceremonies.

Order of the Arrow Eagle Court Of Honor Ceremony

Other Eagle Court of Honor suggested ceremonies from the National Eagle Scout Association – http://www.nesa.org/PDF/EagleCeremonyBooklet3.pdf


OA Call Out Ceremony

This is the adopted Call Out Ceremony that the Chapter uses to “Call Out” all those who where elected by their peers in their unit. The Chapter does a Call Out Ceremony at the end of Our District Spring Camporee’s Camp Fire. (We urge everyone who gets called out to attend the May Induction Weekend. This way they are members of the OA for Summer Camp and can attend the Lodge Fall Fellowship In September.)

Mikinakawa Call Out Ceremony

Pre-Ordeal & Ordeal Ceremonies

These ceremonies are for the Ordeal Inductions. Ceremony Teams can download these ceremonies to prepare for an Induction Weekend. These ceremonies are password protected.

Password Hint – The Admonition

Pre Ordeal Ceremony

Ordeal Ceremony

Brotherhood Ceremony

For use by those who are on the Brotherhood Ceremony Team for the Brotherhood Induction ceremony. This ceremony is password Protected.

Password Hint – Answer – “Have you seen the Arrow?”

Brotherhood Ceremony


InfoWhat is a Native American Pow Wow

InfoPow Wow Etiquette

Singing in a Powwow Drum Group

InfoPow Wow Singing

Northern Style Singing

CD’s – Rizing Sun, Eyabay, Stone Eagle, Black Lodge Singers

Southern Style Singing

CD’s – Southern Thunder, Yellow Hammer, Cozad, Otter Trail, Sizzortail, Ponca War Dance Vol 1& 2


Men Dance Styles

InfoStraight Dancing

Info – Northern Traditional Dancing

InfoFancy Feather Dancing

InfoGrass Dancing

Info – Chicken Dancing

Info – Old Time Style Sioux Dancing

Women Dance Styles

Info – Fancy Shawl Dancing

Women’s Fancy Shawl Dance Youtube Video

Info – Buckskin Dancing

Women’s Buckskin Dress Dance Youtube Video

Info – Jingle Dancing

Women’s Jingle Dress Dance Youtube Video

Info – Southern & Northern Traditional Cloth Dancing

Women’s Southern Traditional Cloth Dance Youtube Video

Women’s Northern Traditional Cloth Dance Youtube Video


—- Native American Resources —-

Regalia Making

Look up Missouri River Patterns that can be found online  at Crazy Crow and other sites.

Ceremony Clothing – If you are planning to make a set of Ceremony Regalia for your self. Our Lodge and Chapter has decided to honor and emulate the style and traditions of the Comanche Tribe. Please make your set in the Comanche Tribe style of clothing.

Craft Suppliers

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