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Sachapiwak Chapter Meetings

2nd Thursday of each month

7:00 pm – 8:00 pm-ish

LDS Church, 5309 Utah St.
Greenville, Texas 75401.

Next Meeting – 12/14/2017


A discussion is taking place right now on the Chapter BAND app as to what & where the Chapter wants to do for a Holiday Break Party on 12/16/17. Click on this link to sign up on BAND and join the conversation.


A decision needs to be made by 11/22/17 or the Adviser will make it for y’all.




OA 2018 ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP DUEs to the Lodge is now Due.


You can renew your 2018 OA Membership Dues –> Click Here <–

Renew your dues before March and receive a very special Lodge flap patch. If you register for the upcoming December Induction Weekend, your 2018 dues are automatically included in the fee. Chapter Goal is to have 80% of our membership renewed by Feb. 28.


Your Chapter VC of Inductions & Chapter VC of AIA is needing your help with Ceremonies. They need help with Arrow of Light & Crossover Ceremonies, Pre-Ordeal, Ordeal, & Brotherhood Ceremonies. The best way to be recognized for any Lodge/Chapter OA Awards or for Vigil Honor consideration is to help with ceremonies. The only way we get new members into the OA is through these ceremonies. NO CEREMONIES  = NO INDUCTIONS. Please contact them to Cheerfully Volunteer.


2017-2018 Chapter Officers

  • Chapter Chief -Johnathan Johnson, Troop 322
  • Vice Chief of Admin – Vacant
  • Vice Chief of Service – Vacant
  • Vice Chief of Inductions – Riley Adams, Troop 326
  • Vice Chief of Camp Promotions – Cole Hahn, Troop 322
  • Vice Chief of Native American – Wiliam Krinning, Troop 66
  • Vice Chief of Comm Tech – Robert Dudenhoffer, Troop 313
  • Chapter Adviser – Daniel Winn, Troop 322

You can contact the Chapter Officers via E-Mail found in the District Contact page.


Every current registered OA member is welcome to attend all Lodge & Chapter events.  Regardless if you are going through a Brotherhood Induction or not. With the exception of Vigil Weekend. Our Chapter goal is to get 30% of our members to all the events. Come join us in the fun!


Lodge Induction Weekend – December 1-3, 2017

Camp Trevor Rees-Jones – Athens, Texas

Register –> HERE!


Circle Ten Winter Camp – December 26-31, 2018

Camp Trevor Rees-Jones – Athens, Texas

—> Winter Camp Promotion Video <—

Winter Camp Staff
Calling all cold weather Mikanakawans!  If you are 14 years old and dues paying, sash wearing, flap toting member of our lodge consider this your official invitation to apply for a position on the 2017 Winter Camp Staff.  Registration through this portal does not guarantee your position on winter camp staff, but you can’t be on the staff if you don’t apply HERE!



April 20-21. 2018
Camp Sid Richards
Longhorn Council – Netopalis Sipo Schipinachk Lodge
Register for Conclave at –> www.sr-2.org


2018 – National Order of the Arrow Conference

Register for this event RIGHT NOW at –> www.miki.org

Serving the Youth of Hunt & Rains Counties