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Sachapiwak Chapter Meetings

2nd Thursday of each month

7:00 pm – 8:00 pm-ish

LDS Church, 5309 Utah St.
Greenville, Texas 75401.

Next Meeting – 03/08/18





OA 2018 ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP DUEs to the Lodge is now Due.


You can renew your 2018 OA Membership Dues –> Click Here <–

Renew your dues before March and receive a very special Lodge flap patch. If you register for the upcoming December Induction Weekend, your 2018 dues are automatically included in the fee. Chapter Goal is to have 80% of our membership renewed by March.


Your Chapter VC of Inductions & Chapter VC of AIA is needing your help with Ceremonies. They need help with Arrow of Light & Crossover Ceremonies, Pre-Ordeal, Ordeal, & Brotherhood Ceremonies. The best way to be recognized for any Lodge/Chapter OA Awards or for Vigil Honor consideration is to help with ceremonies. The only way we get new members into the OA is through these ceremonies. NO CEREMONIES  = NO INDUCTIONS. Please contact them to Cheerfully Volunteer.

At the 2018 Spring Camporee in April. We are doing a District Wide Cross Over Ceremony for those Webelos going into a Boy Scout Troop, and we are doing a OA Call Out Ceremony for all those elected by their Troops to join the OA. Our Ceremony Team needs your help now to start planning and practicing.


2017-2018 Chapter Officers

  • Chapter Chief -Johnathan Johnson, Troop 322
  • Vice Chief of Admin – Vacant
  • Vice Chief of Service – Vacant
  • Vice Chief of Inductions – Riley Adams, Troop 326
  • Vice Chief of Camp Promotions – Cole Hahn, Troop 322
  • Vice Chief of Native American – Wiliam Krinning, Troop 66
  • Vice Chief of Comm Tech – Robert Dudenhoffer, Troop 313
  • Chapter Adviser – Daniel Winn, Troop 322

You can contact the Chapter Officers via E-Mail found in the District Contact page.


Every current registered OA member is welcome to attend all Lodge & Chapter events.  Regardless if you are going through a Brotherhood Induction or not. With the exception of Vigil Weekend. Our Chapter goal is to get 30% of our members to all the events. Come join us in the fun!


  March Induction Weekend

Camp Wisdom – 3/2-4/2018

Duncanville, Texas – South Dallas

Register at www.miki.org




Camp Constantin – 4/4-6/2018

Possum Kingdom Lake

Vigil Members & Vigil Candidates Only


Tonkawa District Spring Camporee

Camp Harlow – 4/13-15/2018

Hunt County – Greenville, Texas

Webelos Cross Over Ceremony

Order of the Arrow Candidate Call Out Ceremony


  May Induction Weekend

Camp James Ray – 5/4-6/2018

Pottsboro, Texas – Lake Texoma

1st chance for new 2018  OA Candidates to go through their Ordeal.

Register at www.miki.org


Longhorn Council – Netopalis Sipo Schipinachk Lodge
Register for Conclave at –> www.sr-2.org


On July 30- August 4, 2018, Arrowmen from around the country will have the unique opportunity to gather together at Indiana University to celebrate the 2018 National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC). Each time a national conference is held, Arrowmen come together from around the world to share ideas, learn from one another, and most importantly experience an outstanding conference that is unlike any other event in Scouting. NOAC is open only to members of the OA.

“NOAC is the ultimate OA experience. The amount of history and activities that are presented are both phenomenal and interesting. Each night they have some form of show that cannot be described without seeing it for yourself. It’s like an Olympic opening show every night. There is so much to do at NOAC. If you have free time you can walk anywhere within seconds and find a hands on activity to learn or play.” – Former Mikanakawa Lodge Chief, Joe Chappell

A typical NOAC day consists of the following:

  • Breakfast
  • Morning Training Sessions
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Activities and Special Events
  • Dinner
  • Evening Show
  • Evening Activities and Special Events

The training at each NOAC is world class. Trainers at NOAC are hand selected by conference leadership due to their immense knowledge and expertise in a particular subject. Trainers come from around the world to share their expertise, so that you may bring information and new ideas back to your home lodge and grow as an individual. Training sessions range in topics from leadership, to event planning, to Native American crafts, dancing, and ceremonies just to name a few. No matter what you’re interested in, there is a NOAC training session for you!

Each afternoon, conference participants can choose to participate in a wide array of actives and special events. The National Order of the Arrow museum will be on display showcasing unique historical items that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

What would a gathering of people from all over the country be without a little competition? Attendees have the opportunity to compete in athletic events like dodgeball and ultimate Frisbee. Arrowmen can also participate in OA ceremonies evaluations to improve their performance and learn from the experts. Interested in Native American dance? We have that too! No matter what your talent, there is no shortage of opportunity to showcase them at NOAC.

After dinner, all participants and staff gather at the university’s arena for the evening show. These shows are nothing short of amazing and are on par with what you would expect on Broadway or the biggest touring concert of the year! Each evening show is unique ranging from   the opening and closing show, to Native American dance, to national awards and recognition. These shows will remain as one of your fondest memories of NOAC.

After the evening show, there are many opportunities to enjoy fun, food, and fellowship (not to mention trade your favorite patches)!

After an exciting conference like this, what more can a person do than SLEEP! You are going to need your rest to make sure you don’t miss out on all that NOAC has to offer.

Interested in attending the 2018 NOAC? Register HERE

We are collecting $100 from people who are interested in attending. The selection is not first come, first serve and the selection process/ criteria is TBD. We plan on loading in as many people as possible into the national system on October 2nd, so please register before then in order to have the best chance of attending the conference.

Each lodge is limited in the number of Arrowmen that can attend and national is imposing the same 3 youth to 1 adult ratio from 2015. We expect that there will be more interest than spaces available. The $100 will be applied to your NOAC attendance cost if you are selected and will be refunded if you are not.

The conference fee is $525 and we are still working on finalizing the contingent fee including travel, food, multi-day pre-conference activities, and miscellaneous expenses. Past pre-conference activities include Six Flags, Cedar Point, Ford Museum, Wright Patterson Air Force Museum, and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  The cost is $1095.00 for youth, & $1195.00 for adult. The lodge can offer limited financial assistance to those who need help attending the conference. Future information will be available on the lodge website and at lodge events. For further questions, please email mikinoac@gmail.com

Serving the Youth of Hunt, Rains, Hopkins, and Delta Counties