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Introducing the Trail's End Take Order Digital App

Introducing the Trail’s End Take Order Digital App

Take Order has gone mobile!

Trail’s End now has a digital version of the Take Order. A unit kernel can set up their unit to utilize the digital Take  Order form, thus allowing Scouts to take digital orders and payments through the app. Orders will roll into the unit’s Take Order and kernels can see, in real time, the total orders by Scouts.

For more information on how to set up the app for your unit, please click here.

Please note that the credit card fee structure (mentioned on page 6 of the above document), may have changed slightly since 2016. Be sure to check the Swipe link for current fees.

This is different than online sales!

Orders taken through the Take Order digital app will be ordered by the unit in their Take Order and Scouts will have to go back and deliver that product.

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Click the Link below to get to the Circle Ten Ihubapp Popcon Feed

Scouting units run on popcorn…and hiking and camping and swimming, too. The sale not only builds leadership and confidence but it allows a Scout to learn the value of earning their own way.

Incentive for those units who did not sell last year!

We still have availability to sign up units that didn’t sell last year to get $1,000 in free product if they get signed up soon!

That’s Right!  $1,000 in pure profit from first $1,000 sold.

That is so easy to do! It can be done in one Show & Sell in 8 hours. What unit can’t use a $1000 boost in their funds.

The sooner you sign up, the sooner we’ll know who qualifies.


One of the biggest improvements for 2018…

All units earn 32% commission on total sales!

Total sales >$15,000 earn 35% commission!