Troop Challenge


Tonkawa District Cub Scouts Need Your Help!!

Here’s the pitch…

1) Since there is little or no interaction between Cubs and Scouts… and

2) The fall off rate if pretty high for crossovers… and

3) JSN efforts (at the Cub Level) could use a boost… and

4) JSN is practically nonexistent for Boy Scouts… and

5) Cub Scout Day is in need of a makeover… then

If each Troop or Crew (affiliated with a Pack) would build a carnival style “BOOTH” for use at Cub Day, it could serve a multitude of purposes… it could;

  • be used at Cub Day and be manned by a Boy Scout

  • be used at your Cub JSN daytime presentation at the Elementary school

  • be used for your JSN daytime presentation at the Jr & High School for the Boy Scouts

  • be used for a joint JSN presentation that evening for the parents

  • be used for Scout fundraisers at local carnivals, school carnivals, etc…

Examples might include a beanbag toss, a milk bottle/baseball throw, coke bottle ring toss, etc… and the ones I really hope someone goes all out on – a (large) working trebuchet, a fancy BB shooting gallery, a moving archery range, and a dunking booth.


Really, the possibilities are endless.
Think State Fair Midway (no darts!).


Now, folks this is something our District is in desperate need of. The Cub Scout program feeds the Boy Scout program and the single most thing that makes boys want to join the Cub Scouts and Cub Scouts want to join the Boy Scouts is FUN. This is your opportunity to make something happen.

Your District Needs YOU – will you answer
the call?

Each Troop who participates will earn 100 points towards the Spring Camporee Competition at the upcoming District Camporee !!!

Get on Board.